Muller Digital Inc. is my company that I started over a decade ago, with the concentration of work being done for web. I started it out of necessity; essentially the idea being to have a business to put the work I was doing through.
Over the last ten years I’ve worked on hundreds of projects, big and small, in all types of environments. From CGI-BIN Perl scripts to DHTML, past .as files for Flash through to PHP blogging systems onto Responsive Bootstrap via CDN virtualized servers, I’ve problem-solved and debugged them all. Now if I could just figure-out why that SMTP library doesn’t like my credentials, I could launch that Perl script! (Sadly… that is a joke). But seriously, I’ve had to work with clients who are in all types of environments and have various restrictions and requirements, which has forced me to learn and adopt new skills and have a greater understanding and sympathy for the client and all the parties involved. I’ve even successfully mitigated meetings between sales and IT departments. How many web developers can say that! ;)
My main focus at the moment is working with Python and building various scripts to alleviate remedial repetitive tasks for both clients and myself. I am also beginning to learn AngularJS, as several people have mentioned it recently, and from what I’ve seen, for good reason. I also do spend an inordinate amount of my work time with WordPress. Mainly for one friend, who happens to be my biggest client!