GIT Using SSH to Push Remote to Server

On the server terminal, type: git remote add origin ssh:// The name of your remote repo will be ‘origin’. ‘user’ is your user name, ‘’ is your domain or IP address. ‘:22’ is the port number used to connect to … Continued

Pushing Large Git Repository

Pushing a large Git Repository can cause issues; time-outs, disconnects or general freezing tend to happen with especially large Git Repos. The best way to handle pushing those large git repos is to break the pushes down into commit chunks. … Continued

Create Git Archive From Specific Commit Range

git archive -o ~/Desktop/ HEAD $(git diff –name-only f0ae46ac15a3d420c08de8ab440b4eb80b66bf7a –diff-filter=ACMRTUXB) The above command will create a zip archive from your git repo from commit ‘f0ae46ac15a3d420c08de8ab440b4eb80b66bf7a’ to your latest commit being the HEAD. The –diff-filter=ACMRTUXB will prevent an error if you’ve … Continued