Bootstrap v4, hidden-*, visible-* replacements

Bootstrap v4 has replaced the following classes: hidden-sm-down, hidden-md-down, hidden-lg-down, hidden-xl-down, hidden-xs-up, hidden-sm-up, hidden-md-up, hidden-lg-up, hidden-xl-up, hidden-xs, hidden-sm, hidden-md, hidden-lg, hidden-xl, visible-xs, visible-sm, visible-md, visible-lg, visible-xl Below is an example of what classes you now need to have in order … Continued

PHP, Dynamically Checking Colors for Legibility Contrast

When writing code to dynamically create background colours and text colours, there is always the potential those two colours will not look appropriate together, and will either render the text illegible or create oscillating text. Enter Split Brain .org‘s Color … Continued

Optimize PNG 24 With Transparency In OSX

An amazing tool for optimizing PNG-24 images with transparency in OSX: This optimizing program can drastically reduce a PNG-24’s size.