Why To Use LZMA Compression

There are always times when you zip, gzip and bzip2 files and directories to try and gain the highest compression ratio you can. But, have you tried LZMA compression? LZMA compression routinely obtains the highest compression ratio for any file … Continued

Quickly Run A HTTP Server From Any Directory

Python makes it easy to run a simple http server from any directory on your system. From command line execute the following command from the directory you would like the server to run from: $ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080 A … Continued

Batch Rename files in 1 Shell Command

i=0; for x in *.jpg; do cp $x “image_$i.jpg”; i=$(($i+1)); done The above command will copy all jpeg files in a directory and give them a new name with an iterating numerical value. So if you had five images in … Continued