Avoid FTP Info Request From WordPress Updates

When performing WordPress updates, some installations prompt for FTP information. This request for FTP information is because WordPress cannot write the updates to files on the server through PHP and therefore requests FTP login information to attempt to write files … Continued

Alternative to Akismet

Aksimet is a paid anti-spam comment service that comes standard with your WordPress installation. As it is the standard for dealing with comment spam in WordPress, but it is a paid service. A combination of the following two plugins has … Continued

Easy Regular Expression Testing

RegEx Pal is the best online Regular Expression testing system I have ever used. It is remarkably easy to use, it performs the regular expression in real-time and highlights syntax. It was launched in 2007, and I’m sorry to have … Continued

AWS EC2 Amazon Linux AMI change timezone

AWS (Amazon Web Services) EC2 Amazon Linux AMI timezone will most likely be different than your local machines’ timezone. To remedy this issue on Amazon’s Linux machine image, ssh in and type the following commands in prompt: sudo su become … Continued