Alternative to Akismet

Aksimet is a paid anti-spam comment service that comes standard with your WordPress installation. As it is the standard for dealing with comment spam in WordPress, but it is a paid service. A combination of the following two plugins has proved to be a great free alternative to Akismet: Antispam Bee (Don’t let the German… Continue reading Alternative to Akismet

Coda – Error code 37 – “Host Key Changed for…”

Coda error code 37 is caused when a site’s ip address changes. This causes the SSH keys to no longer valid. It can be fixed by connecting via SSH with Terminal, inside Coda, and reading the response. The response will tell you what line needs to be deleted in the known_hosts file. The known_hosts file… Continue reading Coda – Error code 37 – “Host Key Changed for…”