In WordPress, Replace Text In All Fields

Replacing, Updating, Changing text in WordPress fields is as easy as using the MySQL replace command. Here’s an example for updating the post_title field: update wp_posts set post_title = REPLACE(post_title, ‘Old’, ‘New’) WHERE post_title LIKE ‘%Old%’; This will update all the columns that have the word ‘Old’ in their post_title field with the word ‘New’.… Continue reading In WordPress, Replace Text In All Fields

Spam all pending WordPress comments SQL statment

SQL code to change all pending comments to spam: UPDATE `wp_comments` SET `comment_approved`=’spam’ WHERE `comment_approved` = 0; If you’re not using Akismet, and you’ve let your pending, most likely “spam” comments, pile-up; the above SQL code will help convert all pending comments to spam. So comments like: What an insightful idea has been written here.… Continue reading Spam all pending WordPress comments SQL statment

MySQL remove duplicates

DELETE n1 FROM table n1, table n2 WHERE > 10000 AND < 11000 AND > AND n1.EMAIL = n2.EMAIL; The above MySQL query will delete duplicate email addresses between the id’s 10000 and 11000. Breaking the query into blocks of 1000 id’s will reduce strain the MySQL server.

MySQL find duplicates

select EMAIL, count(EMAIL) as cnt from TABLE group by EMAIL having cnt > 1 ORDER BY `cnt` DESC The above MySQL query will find and list the number of multiple duplicate emails in a table.

PHP imagick – website references, manuals and information Mikko’s blog imagick is a more advanced graphics library than the default GD for PHP, but the ImageMagick PHP library imagick is only documented on comments, so using the library can be a bit challenging, but the sites above help in using the library.

Multiple MySQL query with PHP

// Enter multiple query string $query_str = ” — Update table UPDATE t SET id = id + 1; — Insert into table INSERT INTO example (name, age) VALUES(‘John Doe’, ’23’ ); “; // Explode string into separate queries $query = explode(‘;’,$query_str); // Loop through exploded queries and execute foreach($query as $index => $sql) {… Continue reading Multiple MySQL query with PHP

IE6 change cursor to pointer or hand on any element

IE6 only supports :hover on <a> elements. To change the cursor to a pointer or hand on hover of any non-anchor element, say a div: In css div { cursor:hand; cursor:pointer; } Do not add the pseudo state ‘:hover’, and it will work cross browser.