Generate / Create QRcode 2D barcodes ( primarily QRcodes ) in raster and vector formats ? You can generate QR Codes (the most popular 2D barcode) for Website URL, YouTube Video, Google Maps Location, Social Media, iTunes Link, Plain Text, Telephone Number, SMS Message, Email Address, Email Message, Contact Details (VCARD), Event (VCALENDAR), Wifi Login (Android Only), Paypal Buy Now Link. With you to change colour of the positive… Continue reading Generate / Create QRcode 2D barcodes ( primarily QRcodes ) in raster and vector formats

TD Waterhouse stock cost calculator This tool is to help estimate costs for shares being purchased through TD Waterhouse on the NYSE, NASDAQ and TSX exchanges. It includes the fees and exchange rates for both the Canadian and US dollar amounts.

Google public data

Google public data has a variety of world information displayed in various animated charts and graphs.

OSX manage print server from web interface CUPS (Common Unix Printing System), is running by default on OSX systems as the print server. The web interface allows you to easily administer the CUPS server. You can even have it send an RSS feed to a printer when your computer starts.

Post, share, receive, send and download audio files

Soundcloud is a free audio third-party (a.k.a. “not my problem”) service that allows you to post, share, receive, send and download audio files with anyone, anywhere. Also allows you to manage your audio files efficiently and effectively in “the cloud”.

Google’s gonna school you

With the advent of Google Wave looking like it could replace Independent Learning Centre. And Google Docs now being used heavily by students — news article link. It’s not so far fetched to assume that students will have laptops running the Google OS while reading on Google Books.

How to check what is wrong with gmail shows the status of popular Google apps, and service information. Gmail has been having a lot of issues as of late, and this page really helps to inform users of the extent of the issue and other details relating to the service disruptions. – When Google Analytics just isn’t enough lets you watch users use the site, and has “heatmaps” that let you see what ares users are drawn to your site. It has some other basic tracking features, but it’s real value is the recorded visits and heatmaps. It’s really worth checking-out.

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TeamViewer – VNC made easy and fast for free

TeamViewer is a free VNC program ( control a remote machine from your machine), that is very easy to set-up and use. Highlights are: Free for public use Cross-platform friendly (OSX and Windows, no Linux though) Breaks through firewalls Uses an uber-strong backbone connection, so less lag than a VNC that uses public networks… Continue reading TeamViewer – VNC made easy and fast for free