Create Git Archive From Specific Commit Range

git archive -o ~/Desktop/ HEAD $(git diff --name-only f0ae46ac15a3d420c08de8ab440b4eb80b66bf7a --diff-filter=ACMRTUXB)
The above command will create a zip archive from your git repo from commit ‘f0ae46ac15a3d420c08de8ab440b4eb80b66bf7a’ to your latest commit being the HEAD. The –diff-filter=ACMRTUXB will prevent an error if you’ve deleted files between ‘f0ae46ac15a3d420c08de8ab440b4eb80b66bf7a’ and HEAD. The above example will produce a zip file on your Desktop titled
The $() in the command is a command within a command. So git diff is being executed inside the git archive command.