Debug and Inspect Webpages on AVD (Android Emulator) Browsers

There is a lot of documentation on the web on ways to debug websites for Android using their AVD (Android Virtual Device/Emulator). But I thought to make a simple step-by-step instruction to get a web debugger up and running for an AVD.
Weinre is the debugger that I use. You can download weinre build from the site.
After you have it downloaded (probably best to download the binary version; ‘-bin’), open a terminal window and run the binary:
$ ./weinre
You will receive a print-out of the address and port that weinre is running on. Most likely http://localhost:8080
Now in order for weinre to be able to debug the page on the android browser, you have to add a script reference in the page’s <head>. So add the following line:
<script src=""></script>
The address is how you connect from your AVD to your local machine.
After you load the updated page on your AVD browser, visit http://localhost:8080/client/#anonymous on your local machine, and you will see the AVD machine listed as a target.

Hope that helps and is straightforward enough to get you up and debugging quickly.
If you have a more efficient or improved method, please leave a comment.