Deleting Spam file from CPanel (CMS) via FTP

Don’t know any real simple way to do this, or even why CPanel hasn’t made the task of deleting large SPAM files easier. When you have SPAM filters set, mail that is considered SPAM is sent into it’s own mail-type file (mail files are just giant files holding all the email message with their attachments. They’re usually seperated in the file by a couple 0x0A.). The reason they’re stored there is in case someone calls and says “Hey did you get that notice that could make you a billionaire?”, and you reply “Now… oh damn, the spam filter must of got it.”. Then you can go into the spam file, find the filtered message and make your billion dollars.

CPanel makes it habit of not cleaning up these files, so if you have limited disk-space on your host, you can run into problems.

To delete the SPAM file from CPanel mail accounts:

  1. FTP into your account
  2. move to ‘mail’ folder -> ‘’ folder -> ‘account name’ folder
  3. there will be the ‘spam’ file… just delete it.
  4. DONE!

That’s how I’m stuck doing it for now. If I find a better way, I’ll post it.