Google Filetype & Flash

Same as the following article, the “Google Hack” filetype, which is hardly a “hack”, we can hunt the web for .fla files and .swf files… amazing!!

All you gotta do is figure out what type of FLA are you looking for? Let’s say snow.
The kids, they love the snow.
So type the following into the Google search input:
filetype:fla snow

Oh my GOD… it works!!! FLA’s for everyone!!!
Now Google produces FLA links as results, so just click on the links.
Some browsers are smart enough to know that these files should be downloaded and not displayed in the window, so clicking on them should work. Some browsers are not so clever, so right clicking (control + click for mac users) on them and downloading them (”save to disk”) should do the trick.

Now the same can be done for swfs, and you can load external swfs into flash, or even better… you can decompile swfs after you download them.
So using the same technique, do the Google search for a swf you want:
filetype:swf snow
Download the swf you want, by right-clicking (control + click for mac).
Then download a flash decompiler, Mac users can use Gordon (get it! Gordon… Flash Gordon… lame).
Now open the downloaded swf in the decompiler to create the editable flash file. That’s it.