Investor Research Sites & Google’s cool charting

Google has a cool new charting flash-app.
View it here
It’s really cool, because it allows you to chart 1m to 1y, and it just expands the graph in real-time. The graph is also interactive, so you can just roll-over points and see the price for that day, the volume and the exact date. The graph also has a srcoll-area above it which covers the larger gaumet of a companies life. You can expand that area by grabbing the sides of the top graph’s frame and pulling.
The best feature by-far for this is the plotting of news and the way it interacts with the news column on the right.
This is all BETA, so there are some bugs. Scrolling and switching quickly can cause the graph-line to go off the page. News-flags are brought in via xml, so parsing it and displaying them when you swtich to a larger view. So it lags… big-time. They should switch to JSON from XML, which there will be standard support for, in ActionScript 3.0.

Globe Investor is currently the most user friendly and in-depth.
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