Offload scripting to SQL

Databases are still an intrical part of any project, be it web or desktop. But more commonly developers are using the main language of choice for sorting out simple database queries. Most databases today are SQL-based and they support SQL the language in some format. It is common practice today to use simple SQL-queries to receive large amounts of data and sort through and present results using the main-language of choice for the project. Sorting through large results of data can become very combersome and resource-wasteful. The alternative is using SQL more to sort-out the data and present more accurate results. SQL is a powerful scripting language which can handle more of the scripting that the main-language of choice. This is more commonly occurring in projects that are web-based, using languages like ASP or PHP. But even higher-up languages like Python, Perl and Ruby can receive the advantage of using more thoughtful SQL-scripted queries. For Ruby, research ‘nested :include clause’. For all others look into the basics using MySQL.