Save on Microsoft Office Licenses, use Open Office

OpenOffice, is a FREE office suite that has all the main features of Microsoft Office. Download: OpenOffice The OpenOffice suite consists of the following applications: Writer – MS Word Impress – Powerpoint Calc – Excel Base – Access Math – No Microsoft Office equivilent Draw – No Microsoft Office equivilent There is even a preference… Continue reading Save on Microsoft Office Licenses, use Open Office

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Best FREE FTP applications for Win32

Filezilla – very well done. There is even a free FTP server version. LeechFTP – has been around for a long time. Very popular. SmartFTP – a lot like CuteFTP… but free.

Opening Nikon-RAW formats in Photoshop CS2

Photoshop by default handles a wide variety of file formats. But still there are some formats that require specific plug-ins. Case-in-point, Nikon-Raw formats. Download the Photoshop plugin to render RAW formats: Click Here Raw formats are the “digital” negatives for pictures. They retain all raw information that a digital-camera captures. Most off-the-shelf digital cameras convert… Continue reading Opening Nikon-RAW formats in Photoshop CS2

Vital Firewall application for OSX

Little Snitch – OS X firewall application With almost every type of application now making network connections without user approval it is vital to have a firewall application that is able to alert you when network access is being attempted from your machine out to the net. Most basic firewall settings for OSX allow outbound… Continue reading Vital Firewall application for OSX

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Best Firefox extension for Web Programmers

FireBug is an extension for the Firefox web-browser. It is amazing for debugging XML, XHMTL, CSS, JS and just to generally inspect your code. Don’t take it too seriously though as IE bug-fixes and workarounds always generate errors. Get FireBug for Firefox.