QIK – Awsome new service


An amazing video service for your phone. It allows you to post your videos from your phone and they are shown in a flash video player. They also create feeds from your account that can be accessed via RSS, iTunes (coolio) and several other feed services. The videos you post also allow you to add a title and description. If you’re phone offers the service it can also GEO-tag your video.

The most amazing part of this service is… live video streaming from your phone, which is then saved and posted on your feed. Mind you, you have to be on a Telus / Bell network (EVDO), have unlimited data and a blackberry with a video record option. Luckily I fall into all three of those categories. Unfortunately, I have yet to produce a video worth linking. I will, when I do.

This is a great service for the following reasons:

  • You can create ‘groups’ who attend events; sporting, concerts, speeches, school lectures. Then you would have several feeds from that one event to grab from. In a couple months/years, someone will produce a mashable version of the feed service and have a custom ‘edit’ off all the feeds. In time the feeds will be better quality, worth checking-out.
  • You can chat on videos. Great for interacting with others on a lecture.
  • Because it saves the stream in the cloud (their servers), your video will always be saved. (you can set privacy levels of the videos too, before you record).
  • News reporting, good way to source out incidents that might be covered by multiple qikers. Descriptions will help search, tagging would help more (but isn’t available yet).

Good service, check it out.