Save on Microsoft Office Licenses, use Open Office

OpenOffice, is a FREE office suite that has all the main features of Microsoft Office.

Download: OpenOffice

The OpenOffice suite consists of the following applications:

  1. Writer – MS Word
  2. Impress – Powerpoint
  3. Calc – Excel
  4. Base – Access
  5. Math – No Microsoft Office equivilent
  6. Draw – No Microsoft Office equivilent

There is even a preference feature in OpenOffice which allows you to save all files in their Microsoft Office equivilent format by default. So there is no messy mix-up between formats between Microsoft Office users and OpenOffice users.

All OpenOffice applications have a very similar look and layout to their Microsoft Office counterparts. So it feels like you didn’t switch!

Microsoft Office 2007 does offer a palithera of applications for business.
Download Microsoft Office 2007 Beta for FREE
They have done an outstanding job with meeting the advanced business users needs. So for more intense, specific-need and high-end business applications, Microsoft is the only solution. BUT… for the majority of average users in an office environment, OpenOffice is a solution that will save money.