Checking Your Crawlability; Helping The GoogleBot Crawl Your Site

Spiders and Bots are always scanning through your site and indexing the information as best they can. But how do you test your crawlability, to make sure the information you’re providing is indexed properly? Enter SpiderTest and’s Spider Test Tool. Both crawl your site, but each reports back a separate set of info to… Continue reading Checking Your Crawlability; Helping The GoogleBot Crawl Your Site

Google Search Operators

A good list of operators to help refine your Google search: Google Search Operators It makes a great companion to Google’s article on help with inline search query operators for refining your Google search: Inside Search: Operators and more search help

Secure Google search – encrypted search string and url If you want to search Google securely, over an encrypted connection, use the above link. This prevents your search from being seen by anyone but you and Google, that includes your ISP. Resources: Video explaining SSL Security Now, episode #195

How to check what is wrong with gmail shows the status of popular Google apps, and service information. Gmail has been having a lot of issues as of late, and this page really helps to inform users of the extent of the issue and other details relating to the service disruptions.