Top 5 Twitter Tweet Post Tips; Twitter Tweeting Optimization

I don’t really use Twitter for much, but I know several clients over the last couple of years who do. And over that time I’ve learned a lot about what makes an effective Tweet. To help those who want to really see growth in their Twitter accounts here are 5 tips to help you Tweet better:

  1. Tweet on Saturdays and/or Sundays, between 1 – 6 pm (depending on your time-zone)
  2. Include the ‘@’ sign. Target a brand or people you really think will engage. It helps reach their followers, but over doing it can have the adverse effect.
  3. Include the hash ‘#’ sign. Reference at least one topic, but not more than two.
  4. Add ‘Retweet’ or ‘RT’ to the end of your Tweet. Retweet is more effective than RT.
  5. Keep space in your Tweet so if your Tweet is Retweeted there is space for it to show.