Unix Applications in OS X (non-intel)

OS X by itself comes with some basic unix type stuff, which Terminal allows you access.

There are editors:

  • vi / vim
  • pico
  • emacs

There are shells:

  • bash (Bourne-Again Shell)
  • ksh (korn shell)
  • tcsh (the TENEX C Shell)
  • DOS

But this is just the tip of the ice-berg… There is a lot more that the Unix core of OS X can bring to you.

There are a couple things you need to download before this all starts happening for you.

  1. X11 (Good-bye terminal, hello X Window System)
  2. ADC (Sign-up up for Apple Developer Connection. After signing-up, login and click ‘Developer Tools’ on the right-column under ‘Downloads’. Now download the most recent version of Xcode Tools. It’s a fairly large file [around a gig])
  3. FINK (Has a collection of ported [modified] version of open-source Unix apps for OS X [Darwin]. It also comes with many command tools for installation)
  4. FINK Commander (Aqua-GUI for using Fink. Makes life easy.)
  5. DarwinPorts (Like Fink. Make sure to download the DMG file)
  6. Port Authority (Like Fink Commander, but for DarwinPorts)

And… we install. Install in the same order.

Now we can install Unix apps (and Librarys) from Port Authority and Fink Commander. Also note to execute downloaded Apps, you have to open X11; for darwinports you type ‘cd /opt/local/bin’, for fink you type ‘cd /sw/bin’ and then ‘./NameOfApp’