Web-based Office Applications

Behold the future of office applications!

  1. ThinkFree Office Online – This is the be-all and end-all of online Office apps. I can’t even describe how amazing this is. You can edit any office doc; word, excel or powerpoint. Print it out, save as PDF, save it to a web-disk, or your hard-disk… and it’s all browser-based, so it doesn’t matter what OS you’re on, where you are. This is absolutely fantastic!
  2. Kiko – an Online Calendar, with a whole bunch of bells and whistles
  3. Writely – Like MS Word, but in a browser, just purchased by Google
  4. Numsum – Cute name for an online Spreadsheet application
  5. gOffice – Great way to create good-looking PDF docs and you just need a browser!
  6. JotSpot – If you were in a meeting, and everyone wanted to share notes, this would be the online app to use.