OS X, press the spacer-bar and see the file, via quick-look

http://www.quicklookplugins.com/ shows some of the possibilities of a feature in OS X called “quick look”. Which enables the user to see the file; text, image, audio or video. This feature also shows how some systems will interpenetrate files in the future and allows us to control a file format by it’s literal existence on our… Continue reading OS X, press the spacer-bar and see the file, via quick-look

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TD Waterhouse stock cost calculator – update 2

http://news.mullerdigital.com/examples/td_share_cost_calculator/ The TD Waterhouse Share Cost Calculator now provides the share value required for a buy to become a profitable sell. The calculator returns what share price, and percentage, increase is required, when all conversions and fees are applied, for a stock to become a profitable buy to sell. This added feature is intended to… Continue reading TD Waterhouse stock cost calculator – update 2

OSX manage print server from web interface CUPS (Common Unix Printing System), is running by default on OSX systems as the print server. The web interface allows you to easily administer the CUPS server. You can even have it send an RSS feed to a printer when your computer starts.

TeamViewer – VNC made easy and fast for free

TeamViewer teamviewer.com is a free VNC program ( control a remote machine from your machine), that is very easy to set-up and use. Highlights are: Free for public use Cross-platform friendly (OSX and Windows, no Linux though) Breaks through firewalls Uses an uber-strong backbone connection, so less lag than a VNC that uses public networks… Continue reading TeamViewer – VNC made easy and fast for free

All your DNS (Domain Name Server) information at DNSstuff.com

All creators and developers on the web require at least one of the tools offered on dnsstuff.com. If a site appears to have gone down, your email address isn’t working, dnsstuff.com is the ultimate way to figure-out at what level the problem exists. It is also extremely useful for researching information on sites.

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Kismet for Mac OS X (KisMAC)

Kismet is a tool for wireless sniffing (just viewing what’s already passing through the air). And KisMAC is the OSX version. Best part about KisMAC is the Apple Airport Extreme card drivers for both Active and Passive support. Active, meaning you can see but can’t collect, and passive meaning you can see and collect. So… Continue reading Kismet for Mac OS X (KisMAC)